PRODIBIO Chloral Reset Nano FW/SW 4/vials

SKU: HY PRO-00501

Chloral_Reset is efficient in fresh and salt water, Chloral_Reset is a water conditioner that quickly neutralizes chlorine an chloramines in regular tap water. Use Chloral_Reset when starting an aquarium an for water changes.

Chloral_Reset information

  • The water conditioner neutralizes and removes the chlorine compounds of tap water
  • Chloral_Reset will quickly render a chlorine or chloramine treated water usable for freshwater or saltwater aquarium
  • Reduces the fish’s stress
  • Protects gills and mucous membranes against external parasitic aggressions.
  • Ensures the best water quality

When should Chloral_Reset be used ?

  • When starting a fresh or salt water aquarium, use Chloral_Reset to prepare tap water
  • When doing a water change (change 1/3 of total volume each 15 days) use Chloral_Reset to prepare tap water