CaribSea The A.R.K.- The Aragonite refugium Kit

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CaribSea The A.R.K.- The Aragonite refugium Kit 

Aragonite Refugium Kit

Micro floras, micro faunas, and sponges can provide a valuable food source for hard to feed reef tenants such as angelfish, tangs, mandarin gobies, butterfly fish, and larger invertebrates. CaribSea’s A.R.K.™ is the first complete refugium kit for marine and reef aquariums which caters to the growth of these hard to obtain, hard to produce, natural foods. Only the A.R.K.™ contains substrates from .1 mm to 125 mm long axis, creating a haven for not only denitrifying and nitrifying bacteria, but also benthic organisms such as copepods and decapods.

The larger macro-pores created by the variety of calcium carbonate rubbles form a cryptic zone to encourage the growth of water purifying sponges and larger invertebrates such as shrimp, worms, and serpent stars. Also inside, a 5 lb bag of CaribSea’s Mineral Mud™ to be used around Caulerpa, Halimeda, and other macro-algae plantings or anchors. The A.R.K.™ also contains a 4 ounce bottle of PurpleUp™, the only patented coralline algae growth accelerator, and an 8 ounce bottle of Aquabiotic™ to aid in the start up of necessary water purifying bacteria. You will also find an 80 gallon dose of Bio-Magnet™, which clarifies water and places bacteria within the substrate and filter media as needed.