Aqua-Tech Aqua Wave Doser 3 pump with Touch Screen


Aqua Wave Doser 3 pump with Touch Screen

Aqua-Tech proudly announces the release of Aqua Wave Doser / stoichiometry management device.After 16 months of extensive R&D and quality/compatibility assessment of many motors and platforms; decision was made to utilize Japanese Wei co pumps. Superior quality of parts, components and craftsmanship of these motors are unparalleled for industries demanding higher precision and lifetime.2 different motor types are available for different applications and precision demands:

  • Reliable Japanese DC motor 7.2W@ 24VDC /
  • 150 RPM- 1:8 Gear ratio
  • Accurate Stepper-motor 3.2W @24VDC / 0.1125 "/step - 1:8 Gear ratio

The user can choose at anytime to seamlessly change from one to the other type motor without the need to change the firmware. The motors are connected to the main PCB board via a simple onboard JST connection. They are automatically recognized by the CPU; choosing the adequate drive program accordingly.